Veggie Life – Day 3

Hi Friends! Day 3 is upon me and it’s been pretty great.

Day 2 consisted of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, black bean mini corn quesadilla with quinoa salad for lunch, and 2 mini black bean tostadas with hot organic salsa.

This morning I had a breakfast bar and the same lunch as Day 2.  Dinner tonight is eggplant lasagna and another kale stuffed mushroom.  I’m stoked for this dinner.

I have been feeling great eating vegetarian – the other perk is that staying away from meat has also helped me stay away from bread products.  Double. Whammy. I also did some yoga getting home from work today and so far, have not craved anything too crazy.  Although, when does pizza not sound good? I know I can have a veggie one.. but so far staying away from carbs hasn’t been super difficult.

The key to going vegetarian is doing your research and making sure you are still getting the proteins that you need.  Quinoa, beans, greens.. find what you like and it makes it much easier!

I’ll post some recipes and pics soon!

Until next time,
Bex out


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