I’m going vegetarian!! (Day 1)

For a month at least..

Hello all, I know I’ve been gone a long time, but I’m back and I’m hoping you’ll go on this veggie journey with me.  I can’t say for sure what prompted this, but I’ve always preferred vegetables over all food, so I figured I would give it a go!

Day 1 –

Everything started out just fine.  Breakfast was plain yogurt with honey and flax seed.  The only bummer was that I did not buy greek yogurt (#sadface).

I packed lunch today – which was black bean and queso fresco corn quesadillas as well as quinoa salad with fresh veggies and lemon vinaigrette.  All homemade-hopefully I’ll remember to post the recipes!! The only problem was.. one of my best girl friends asked me to sushi and I had to say yes.  BUT I did not falter!  (I did say I would allow myself fish.. but come on-day 1 I had to at least stick with it).  I had a vegetarian roll that had panko crusted sweet potatoes and some beets and avocado and cucumber. I never thought I would say this, but I didn’t miss the fish!

Dinner is up next-Kale filled portobello mushrooms with thinly sliced provolone.

All in all, I can honestly say I did not go hungry today-like most stereotypes about vegetarians would say.  I’m feeling great and healthy and will keep you all posted! Ha, posted.

Bex-signing off


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